Specilized and advance healthcare in Baja California, México.


We're a link to the orchestration of health, based on One on One care:

"When choosing a healing facility we believe that the least amount of stress possible assist greatly in the healing process"

This is why we combine a facility offering all inclusive programs.

medical therapies, specialization of healthcare, nutrition, housing, transportation.


Stem cells  Detox   Rejuvenation 

Lyme  lupus  Chronic fatigue  Arthritis  Cancer

Experienced health practitioner, medical doctors, researchers, professional and caring staff, together to find and give an unique program and most beneficial therapies.

Continuos investigation for the most advanced therapies available and make them available.

We integrate every member to be an active part of our team and participate in your own healing program.

Programs will offer variaty of therapies and treatments as integration for the greatest beneits creating a balance within the body.


Each program consist of specific timing of therapies to work in conjunction that focus on a healing goal.


Keeping food tasty and appetizing in its natural form

Evaluation of a dietary plans, adjustments and specific suggestions


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